Fly Fishing Adventures

Are you new to Holland and do you like to catch big pike on the fly? Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures offers guided (fly) fishing trips in the country side and urban areas throughout The Netherlands. Our welcoming Dutch- and English speaking guides have spent numerous hours into locating fish and observing the fish' behaviour. They are specialized in targeting several species and will teach you how to locate, target, fight and responsibly release the fish. With their support we guarantee you a great adventure, every time. Book your dates here


The Netherlands (Holland) is a country in western Europe, where most of it's land is beneath sea level. A country that is famous for it's cheese, flowers, windmills, painters and of course, polder landscapes.

Polders are reclaimed pieces of low country that would be flooded with the tides. By the use of canals, dams, dykes and mills, the people of the lowlands kept these lands dry by building a broad water management system. A beautiful landscape of waterways that are great for many species of fish to live in. The rivers and lakes hold large amounts of fish, but even the smallest streams and ditches are places where big fish can be found. Learn more about fishing in the Netherlands here