We have spent thousands of hours targeting different species of fish that the Netherlands has to offer and will take you on an adventure you will enjoy.

Our services include fishing days of approx. 8 hours and half days of approx. 4 hours, both including guide, gear, tackle, flies, drinks and other goods, if requested. A full day of fishing also includes a (hot) lunch. Guided fishing for a maximum of 2 anglers per guide/boat. If you would like to fish with a larger group, all you have to do is contact us and we'll see what we can arrange for you. See more about booking and rates here

You meet up with your guide as early as possible, depending on weather, the season and species of fish you desire to target the most.

Read more about the fishery below.

A full day trip (approx. 8-9hrs) would for example look like this:

  • 08:00 The fishing starts. You want to target pike, so you go on a hunt to find the fish and target them with full support of your guide, backing you up with flies, leaders and tippet. But he also has drinks and other Dutch goods ready at your disposal.

  • 12:30 After four or five hours of fishing our guide prepares a lunch at the banks for you, during this time it is of course, still possible for you to fish or just take some time to rest.

  • 13:00 You have now filled up the stomach for the second part of the day and after a drink or something else, you continue the adventure to target that desired fish. Or maybe you want to check on another species? Since the sun has come out, you decide to target the fat carp you encountered this morning and check some good weed beds out for pike hiding in the shadows.

  • 17:00 After a good day of hunting pike and targeting some picky, but strong carp, you return home. You feel exhausted, but very fulfilled and happy.

  • 20:00 You look at the beautiful photographs you have received and decide to book another fly fishing adventure!

Perch, Pike and Zander

Some of the species you can target with the support of our guides are predatory species like the European perch, northern pike and zander. Our guides are specialized in targeting these species and will teach you how to locate, target, fight and responsibly release the fish.
Predatory fish are fun to catch on the fly, because they are very keen on ambushing prey. Big and heavy pike can be caught from deep lakes as well as shallow streams and the amount of big perch that have been caught from our waters is very high.

The zander are known for their hard strikes. They look similar to the walleye, but grow a little larger than it's North-American lookalike. Mainly found hunting on the bottom or deeper parts of the water.

Streamers and tackle

We use streamers that imitate bait fish to target these beautiful species, ranging from small streamers (around 10cm/3.9 inches) on size #1 hooks to large ones (25cm+/10inches+) with #5/0 hooks.

For perch we use 5 to 7 weight rods and anything from an 8 to a 10 weight is suitable for casting large pike streamers. The zander needs a sinking line most of the time so an 8 or sometimes a 9 weight rod will do.

A good line with a short head and a lot of weight at the front is probably the most important piece of gear that you'll need. There are a lot of predatory specific lines on the market and they're all good for the job. If you don't have these lines, don't worry. Your guide has all kindsa lines at your disposal, high floating to full sink.

Of course, the double haul is key to casting streamers to a distance with a minimum of false casts. Book a quick casting class

Asp and Wells Catfish

Other popular predatory species that live in our waters are the asp and wells catfish. Asp are a predatory minnow-like species that like to hunt for prey on the surface and are known for lighting fast strikes.

For asp we advise to use 6 to 8 weight rods and for wells catfish anything that is heavier than a 10 weight. Wells can grow very large, many over 2 meters (6.6 feet) in length and surpassing the 50 kilograms (110 pounds). Big wells catfish can be caught with the fly rod by teasing them to the surface with bait and rattling lures.